Dance and Drama Team:

In addition to the many sports, activities and programs in which the children are involved, we also offer the opportunity for each child to participate in our Dance and Drama team named Silent Deliverance. This team of children expresses a story or message accompanied by music, which is presented in churches, hospitals, parks, and for various organizations. Silent Deliverance has proven to be a life-changing tool in the lives of our children, as well as in the lives of many individuals who have been able to experience it.

Ranch Life:

Raising animals on the Ranch is an integral part of the children’s lives. Some of the children are involved in 4-H and F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America). They are each responsible for the care, maintenance and showing of either a cow (dairy or beef), a hog, or both. Every year from January to April, the children travel to Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando and then back to Okeechobee to show their animals.


Real Life Children's Ranch has a large campus with over 30 acres for the children to live and play. The beautifully wooded and open landscape at the Ranch allows children the opportunity for numerous outdoor activities. Playgrounds, horseback riding, basketball courts, volley ball areas, a picturesque pond and more provide year round fun and adventures for our children.